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contard of the week: indianajones528

i nominate indianajones528 as contard of the week.

why? because he's an 18 year old white male from florida who feels that the president and this administration has done a FINE JOB in "helping" the people hurt by Katrina. he posts all of this on a thread started on the topic of Kanye West's comment "Bush doesn't like black people" (which is turning out to be true).

i could list all of the reasons he's a bona fide contard, but just read this post yourself. the guy is so completely uneducated it's not funny. he never backs ups his claims on anything, yet insists that "we liberals" need to answer his questions. you can pick up the majority of his comments here

yeah, typical contard for ya! and i'm sure i can find a ton more from that post alone, but we'll stick with this one idiot for now.

please note, that above post is huge, but it's worth the time to read. eventually indianajones528 gets banned, so he can't reply to any more comments. which is too bad because his stupidity is seriously amusing.
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