Neko Nuriko (nagisa_kaworu) wrote in contards,
Neko Nuriko

More fun from Libtards

The Contards discover fictional character Betty Bowers [a side project/spin-off from Landover Baptist]. One wants to strangle her to death. Another seems to want to torture her to death. But my favorite comment is reprinted here in full:

"These people are the true enemy. They are the "American taliban." These people need to be rooted out, tried for treason and then jailed or deported. It's those on the idiot left that want to see the traditional family destroyed, the tradition Christmas destroyed and ultimately the traditional United States destroyed. They want to usher in their "New Age" of perverted ideas and hedonistic behavior. They secretly root for bin laden and his minions to win, too stupid to realize that they themselves will find their heads in the islamic chopping block faster than any devout Catholic or Baptist. Idiots. Shout them down wherever you hear them. Antagonize them when they protest, and when one of them foolishly takes a swing at you give them the beating of their lives."

Full post and all comments here:
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