Sato-kun (sato_kun) wrote in contards,

Something to mess with everyone.

I was recently banned from libtards for a post.

I am in all essences a conservative. But. What I ask is more a philosophical stance.

So I pose to you, the liberal 'tard community.

Make war, not love,

Unless you like killing

Never truer words have been spoken.

Heros are born of a battlefield, to kill with a purpose is to be a Hero.

Discuss. Moreover, interpet each statement to your personal beliefs, without political regard. I fully expect to be banned for this post. Because to agree with the preceeding is to agree with a moral code. Is to define oneself as a conservative as defined by today's limited system of beliefs. Even in the denial of the first statement is to define oneself so.

I seek nothing more than true debate. If you respond to this with a one-line statement, you are a libtard and deserve your label. What I seek is real debate from real people. Real people define what I seek. Real people understand who I am and what I represent.

Real people understand I hate braniwashed asstards, real people know I respect people for who they are. Real people will join my movement. Real people know the truth lies somewhere between the lies between each party.

Real people seek this truth. Real people will defy the beliefs of the party for their own.

Ban me if you like. Prove you are what you claim to be by letting me speak.
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