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Contard of the Week


this community is full of gems. you can sit and laugh at these posts for hours (i did). the majority of the posts are from kids ages 14-17, who are still pimply faced and living under their parent's roof. this example is classic. i especially like when she asks [I'm] Christian Conservative, but I have a question, whats the difference between christian conservative and just plain conservative?

and this girl says:I respect and believe in the opinions of those of other republicans. so she's a republican because she nods along with what other republicans are nodding along to? talk about not having a view of your own! that's so sad!

and andrew here says that being a democrat is anti-American, so that's why he's a republican. oh, and democrats are extremists who only want genocide and chaos. hmm...where do you think he heard that from? oh and the kicker he says "I am ashamed to say i'm gay. Not because i fuck men. But because of the image of the liberal gay rights movement." um, yeah...who wants to place bets that in 5 years this guy is going to come crying to those who are trying to protect his rights to be gay and have the same benefits heteros do? yeah. he will.

i also love how children (yes, they are still children) say that ronald regan was their favorite president. and when asked why, they answer "well, DUH!" um, i hate to break it to you, but if you were born after reagan left office, that would be like me saying that Martin van Buren was my favorite.

it just scares me that these kids are forming their opinions based on what their parents say and do. my mother was a democrat and my father was a hard-core republican. yet i made my own decision on what party i would affiliate with when it came time for me to vote. also, my grandparents are republican as well, and would talk about democrats badly, but i was smart enough to make my own decision on what i believe is right. sadly, these kids are just clones of their parents without an original thought of their own.

so that's why i nominate teenrepublicans for contard of the week.
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