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You gotta love this.

User: war_porn (6942880)  
The Joy of Power
Name: A Celebration of War in Video and Images
Location: United States
About: Post pictures, images, and videos of war.

The more graphic, the more violent, the more bloody and offensive, the better!

We live in a time of War. A violent clash of ideologies.

A conflict of modernity, science and progress vs. Dark Age barbarism, cultural regression, and fundamentalist totalitarianism.

The Darkness stares at us.

This is the place where we stare back into it, and grin.


Keep posts on topic. Pictures and videos of war.

If you are a whiney peacenik hippie, you will be flamed and mocked ruthlessly.

If you are not a hippie, and fail to ruthlessly mock hippies, you are derelict in your duties.

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