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some good Bush quotes

here are some quotes that helped me realize how intelligent our president is. haha jk. but these are absolutely hilarious.

"they misunderestamated me"

"home's are important. it is important to have a home."

"one of the great things about books is that they sometimes have great pictures."

"i think we agree. the past is over."

"i hope we get to the bottom of this answer"

"i know what i believe. i will continue to articulate what i believe. i believe what i believe is right."

"families is where our nation finds hope; where wings take dreams"

"it's clearly a budget. it's got a lot of numbers in it"

"you teach your child to read, he or her will pass their literacy test."

"i understand small buisness growth. i was one."

"it's about past seven here so we're actually in different time lines."

"i don't read what's handed to me"

"i'm sure you can image it's an unimaginable honor to live here"

that was just a few. if you like them then maybe i'll post more later:)
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